The most nutritious carrot how to eat to


First of all, we should understand, carrot nutrition is good absorption, mainly refers to the carotene. Carotene is fat soluble, so need to help the absorption of fat. The grease quantity, and caused no significant differences in carotenoid absorption. And another study drew different conclusions. They gave the subjects ate fat content of different Vegetable Salad. The results found that, for higher fat content of salad, carotene absorption number. Why are there different conclusion? In fact, the difference is that, the first study, vegetables are cooked; and in a second study, using the raw vegetables.
Therefore, through these experiments, we can draw the following conclusions, make the most nutritious carrot:
1 raw carrots, such as shredded radish, more oil, carotene absorption more oil, but too many adverse health.
2 to eat cooked carrots, even just cooked, cold with a little sesame oil, can also get a lot of carotene, effect and use a lot of oil almost. Even without oil, intake of other food on the fat, can let the carotene absorption.


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