Eating too fast stomach injury


First, the reduced food intake, eating too quickly safety. Because the enzymes in saliva some toxic substances can be digested away, but if you swallow too quickly, saliva would not achieve the appropriate protection. Secondly, when performed oral food ponder, figuratively speaking, the brain will respond accordingly, indicating gastrointestinal digestive prepare accordingly. However, eating too fast will break this process, resulting in digestive disorders of metabolism, causing constipation. Moreover, eating too fast can cause unable to find their proper food intake, food intake would exceed the capacity of the stomach, it will not only damage the gastrointestinal function, can also cause body fat, in addition, patients with high blood sugar have aggravated the condition of eating too fast dangerous. Meal mealtime should be at least 15 minutes or more, especially breakfast, you should change the structure of a single meal, add some vegetables, fruits and whole grains intake, this can increase chewing time. Lunch and dinner, try eating together with friends or family, this can ease the tension, change the habit of eating too fast. In addition, experts recommend that every food that chewing rate also slowed, especially the elderly, bite chew more than 20 times better.


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