Lose weight and cola


We now drink sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, sports drinks, is the biggest enemy of weight loss. So obviously people drinks contain calories, unlike food. Small bottle of carbonated drinks (600 ml) contains about 280 calories of heat, heat sugar equivalent of 17 or so, should absolutely avoid during lose weight.
Although natural juice drinks healthier one, but the high fructose content, and very useful to lose weight cellulose has been removed if you want to lose weight or eat fruit bar directly. During weight loss but also little touch of wine, one gram of alcohol can produce 7 calories, fat just below capacity.
The best course is to say drink boiled water, and not used to drinking plain water can add a slice of lemon in boiled water, some honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose tea is also a good choice if you need a more mellow taste-based energy drinks can choose to block Knott agent drinks – slimming brewed coffee and fiber Knott meet the taste, it is also possible to block half the intake of energy absorption.
Sugar has a close relationship with weight. Directly reflected in the excessive sugar intake will make people gain weight, leading to overweight. Consume excess sugar by way of exercise, eating a jar of 355 grams of cola you will want to jog an hour to heat consumption. Six caramel need to ride a bicycle 43 minutes, 100 g of sweet popcorn need to ride a bicycle 148 minutes.


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