What is the magical effect of Yoga


One, the prevention of chronic disease

Do not think that only the muscles and bones will be tired, physically tired by your hands massage to relieve, actually the human body organs will produce slothweariness. And with the various asanas postures of yoga, massage internal organs of the body, not only can promote blood circulation, stretching stiff muscles, the flexible joints, also can make the body of gland secretion of balance,strengthen the nerve, of course, chronic diseases will also and you insulation.

Two, the elimination of tension and fatigue

Standing or sitting posture is not correct, or long-term because of work or life stress and tension in the spirit of the people, nature than most people moreeasily tired or have a sense of fatigue and make not breathing normally.Breathing yoga through conscious breathing, can eliminate the waste gas, fire in the body, the elimination of tension and fatigue.

Three, massage internal organs

Yoga abdominal breathing exercises can improve the internal organs function,promote and harmonic circulation, digestive and endocrine system function, calm the nervous system.

Four, keep the youth

Yoga complete breath, can control the body, the body in good health, thus promoting the spirit of active; yoga can make the person’s mood is often in a state of joy, the upward life. Originally enter the body, make the person often Bao youth.

Five, weight loss

Yoga, is fundamentally transform people’s physique. Obese people, mostly over eating, if such persons exercise abdominal position can make the abnormalappetite returned to normal. In addition, the reasons causing obesity may have aweakness of will, through yoga training, let you in the face of Food temptation,control force will be stronger. In addition, trapped endocrine disorders or othergynecological cause of obesity, but also may borrow by yoga various postures, to control the effect is very good.

Six, training attention

The human body has excess energy, no release will cause the attention not centralized. Persevere and yoga practice, can make people concentrate on one thing, the body to act in accordance with the inner will. Therefore, come very naturally to focus the spirit.

Seven, let the heart light up

Grasp the emotional, to strengthen the self spirit, relieve worries and depression,compressive solution fatigue, this is each people in modern life scared off tellingyourself. A real live comfortable, live without a few annoying people? The mind is the need to constantly strengthen and purify, like a breath of fresh air. Learn yoga, pranayama till the mind purification from the body, this is a series of chain reaction. People’s thoughts and emotions are present in the body inside, throughexercise and relax the body, the body continuously yoga practice, the sense of focus to stretch and strengthen the site. When the body is fully relaxed, focused on the stretch, the body will produce a pleasant “brain endorphins” stable state of mind, and can release the negative emotions, and so have positive thoughts,gradually reach the “pine calm” and “unity of body and mind” realm.

The benefits of yoga so much. Yoga to cure cervical shoulder pain, to let lifestrange mental pressure, anxiety, insomnia, fear and other seemingly take medicine to also can not cure the disturbing problems recover for illness without medical help.

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    The real yoga is derived from the ancient Indian yoga practitioners are initially through observation and study of nature, cultivation reached by external borrowing to enhance internal thinking, so that the physical and mental health.

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