Try office upholstery sports


(1) kneeling on a cushion, two hand ground;

(2) lift the buttocks, legs straight, toes point;

(3) reduced to one;

(4) sitting on the ground, feet clip cushions;

(5) feet high will try to throw cushions, abdominal ‘leg muscles to tighten;

(6) hand pick cushion, repeated several times;

(7) erect, chest, left hand upholstery, side Stretch the right arm;

(8) body bent forward, raised his left leg back, left leg raised through the cushion to move from the left hand;

(9) to switch to the right hand cushion, the right hand side of the Stretch;

(10) raised his right leg back, upper body flexion, through the lower right leg, right hand to move the cushion from the left;

(11) is reduced to seven.


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