What is the best time to apply the mask


12:00 to 3:00 pm on the skin repair itself when damaged cells, so during this time or before bedtime apply best, helps with the metabolism of nutrients into the underlying skin. Retention in the face mask and 15 minutes, unless it is specifically noted. Do not think that the longer the mask over time, the more the skin can absorb nutrients, the actual situation on the contrary, because after putting the mask, the face will cause hypoxia, over time, will not only not white, it will affect your skin The normal breathing resulting nutrients can not be absorbed properly, the situation will be severe pale yellow phenomenon. Do not think that the longer apply mask on the skin, the better. In fact, in the blink slowly when the mask is dry skin will turn to absorb the moisture of the face. So when you wake up and realize the skin is more dry than before, more Bengjin. Most of the mask is really more thick coating better play the role, because the mask must have sufficient thickness can cover every inch of skin, give full play to mask the effect. In response to the different nature of the mask, the number of times per week is also different. Deep cleansing mask should not be used every day, it would lose the ability to resist immature horny invaders, on the contrary, if the skin with this month’s update cycle, can make repair more significant effect. In fact, the best time to apply moisturizing mask should be after a bath instead of bath time. Because the bath can make pores, making skin to absorb more nutrients. Undoubtedly help nutrient absorption after which the skin mask refrigerated, but bring more skin soothing, calming effect. But part of the mask was frozen ingredients may cause deterioration, not sufficiently, and therefore should pay attention to the characteristics of individual mask their descriptions.


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