Little movement in the office make you a good spirit


Staff in the office, sedentary desk, chest not fully extended, the normal function of the heart and lungs are not good play, suffering from heart and lung disease will increase the chances, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary Cor easier to patronize. Sedentary also makes the abdominal muscle relaxation, reduction of blood supply to the abdominal cavity, stomach and intestines slow down, reduce the secretion of various digestive juices, causing loss of appetite, bloating, constipation and so on. For good health, a better job, office staff should be adapted to local conditions, strengthening exercise.
Work space will maximize one of a mouth, the face of all the muscles and even led the scalp rhythmic movement. Every time contracts a minute or so, for 50 times. Facial exercise can accelerate blood circulation, slow down the local variety of tissues and organs, “aging”, so sober.
Neck rotation
First rise far back, then down to the front jaw, neck and back muscles tighten and relax, and to roll left and right sides of 10 to 15 times, and then posted back by back, clasping his hands in the back of the neck moment , to receive refreshing effect.
Can accelerate blood circulation, stretch muscles, eliminate excessive psoas muscle tension, to correct the excessive forward bending of the spine, keeping fit and in shape.
With his right hand in a clockwise direction around the umbilical Roufu 36 weeks, to prevent constipation, indigestion embolism have better results.
Summarized Valley Road
Will be put on the anus, then relax, and then further on to mention, repeated about 50 times every time, sustained 5-10 minutes. Can promote blood circulation, prevent hemorrhoids and perianal disease.
Around sideways bending, twisting the upper body and lower back with a light hammer fist about 20 times, you can ease back rickets, muscle strain and other illnesses.


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