Skipping 3 months to lose weight by 34 pounds do not rebound


I was a Chubby, primary school already had the thought of losing weight. In high school, I met a cut bear, I swear I will lose weight, and I must be worthy of him. Of course, weight loss journey is very painful, I have 2 friends lose weight, finallycame to the last is me. I have tried dieting, eating only one fruit a day, I have noteven the stairs strength, often have the feeling of dizziness. I found this does not work, then the meals are very stable, starch + vegetables or meat and vegetables.Plus, doing sports. Why do I call myself a man? Because I can control the body weight, I can easily thin, is also very easy to fat. Reduced to their ideal weightloose, weight and spike. Although, not so exaggerated fat to 130 jins, but also to 110 pounds. I hope I’ll stick to jump rope, do not rebound.


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  1. ibear says:

    Lose weight by perseverance and scientific diet, adhere to in order to become healthy Master

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