Night Skin Care


A hard day’s body, if they can look good to relieve muscle tension, muscle and skin are a great enjoyment. We can use massage oil or baby oil with moisturizing ingredients applied to the body, slowly massage muscle stiffness or soreness easy site until absorbed by the skin care solution. Mei Mei Water Cawan then sleep, wake up tomorrow morning will not keep the same feeling. Hard work not only have a certain impact on the spine, neck lines will bring betray your age. In order to prevent the emergence of neck profile, usually wish to use moisturizing lotion or cream put on the neck and gently massage the neck skin to absorb enough nutrients to maintain moisture flexibility, it will not appear annoying wrinkles. Lip Care is also the focus of the night. Said one day, then, inevitably, there is a slight lip wear. So when you first remove the lip of the dead skin care, available in white sugar gently rub the lips and massage, or in the way when you brush your teeth with a toothbrush graze the lip, which can effectively remove dead skin, wash with water after coating upper lip balm can sleep beauty sleep friends. Eyes are also important props live and work during the day, particularly those engaged in computer-related work, excessive use of the computer to accept excessive radiation eyes tend to become dry, and even itching. So do the kind of work MM to note that every one hour of work is best to let the eye rest, eye drops eyedrops moist look. In addition, the two used tea bags can be placed in the refrigerator, remove and apply on the eyelids, eyes closed to rest a few minutes, so you can make the eyes and skin to get relief.


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