Habit stomach injury


Bedtime will damage the stomach to eat anything, including drinking milk, fruit juice. Because milk protein, fat and sugar can cause gastric acid secretion, they will soon be discharged stomach, leaving an empty stomach acid, useless for gastric acid to corrode very logical. So long, it is possible to cause damage to the stomach. Men are more easily become a workaholic, more easily, “sleepless nights”, while hunger meal, full meal of a regular diet would have a considerable negative impact on the digestive system. The stomach is an organ adherence to the timetable, the time will secrete gastric acid. If then there is no stomach to digest the food supply, then had to start to digest digestive mucosa itself. Men seem to be more fear of the hospital, if not too severe pain, will find their own medicine to take. Most analgesics mechanism is always pain by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis. This substance will cause “pain” signal amplification, let us feel pain disorders, inhibits it, that is to weaken or eliminate the pain. But also gave up the role of prostaglandins another – to protect the gastric mucosa, when painkillers reduce prostaglandins in the stomach is acidic digestive juices may damage the stomach, causing ulcers, perforation. In addition to tobacco harm the lungs, stomach damage is not small. Nicotine gastric damage from multiple directions: constricts blood vessels, reducing the blood supply of the gastric mucosa, its integrity is damaged; offensive in nicotine imports become flabby stomach, anti-corrosive bile flow to the stomach; suppression repair synthesis on gastric prostaglandin; promote gastric acid secretion, gastric mucosal barrier is damaged on the basis of the direct corrosive gastric mucosa. So smoking too many people suffering from gastritis easily.


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