Fruit bring new vitality to the skin


Apple is very rich in pectin, can promote excretion, prevent arteriosclerosis. Apple in a lot of vitamins and malic acid can accumulate in the body break down fat, which can effectively prevent the body fat, increase hemoglobin, the skin becomes delicate. Carambola contain a variety of ingredients beneficial to human health, such as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C, and various fiber, Sanso. Carambola rich acid can inhibit melanin and moisturizing effect on the improvement of dry or oily skin tissue has a significant effect. Lemon fruit whitening can be said that the model, citric acid can speckle, prevent pigmentation, orally treated with very effective. Foreign beauty experts called Beauty fruit, eat lemons can help digestion and absorption, making the skin smooth and delicate. Orange has almost become synonymous with vitamin C, and vitamin C to avoid infringement of the skin by sunlight, inhibit the formation of pigment granules, white skin moist. Oranges in a unique cellulose and pectin substances, but also help bowel purge, rid the body of harmful substances, to ensure the health of the summer. The first fruit of the grape known as the world’s four major grape is rich in glucose and vitamins, to protect the liver effect is very obvious. The grape seed has now become the most popular anti-oxidants, its nutritional value is 50 times the vitamin E, can retard aging, skin vitamins said.


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