white-collar worker’s movement


In the first run before the event about the hands and feet, his legs hand, the pressure stretching, around the waist. Ran the length according to their distance and objective conditions, you can use the high leg lift or street jogging outdoors place. Move the body to relieve called down, do some deep breathing can be practiced aerobic respiration Qigong: legs splayed flush with the shoulder, relax the eyes closed, breathing into the abdomen. Skipping can promote blood circulation, supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, play the meridians, organs and brain and warmth through the role, improve the ability of thinking and imagination. Jumping rope for 15 minutes, and exercises to calm the mood, so parts of the body muscles get exercise, so they will have 15 minutes is appropriate. Cycling to work is a good exercise! Have you tried jogging or walking work? If the office close to home then. Gelv put a suit between the office, put on active sportswear and running shoes on the road, eating a healthy body but also a guarantee, lunch is especially important. It should be noted fresh, low fat and sugar content, high vitamin and mineral content of foods. Such as: vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seaweed, fruit juice. The right amount of wine or vinegar will not only help you digest, but also make you energetic. If the unit you are working conditions and events venue, the best exercise after lunch is not intense ball games — table tennis, tennis, badminton. When the line of sight with the ball up and down, left and right, high and low movement, ciliary muscle, extraocular muscle relaxation and contraction continue to promote blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue, improve vision function.


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