How to choose suitable for your dairy


Milk belongs to the alkaline food nutrition, regular consumption can add protein and calcium, but also to balance the body’s pH. However, faced with an array of all kinds of dairy products on the market, how to pick an issue that many consumers are most concerned about.
Yili Dairy Technology Research Institute experts say cloud comrades, to choose their own dairy products is more healthy. Currently very rich dairy species, including liquid milk, yogurt, milk, other dairy products. Which includes liquid milk and whole milk, skim milk, low-lactose milk, fermented milk, etc.; including infant milk powder, adult milk, functional milk; other dairy products, including milk, butter, cheese, milk drinks and so on. Different groups of people should be based on their own circumstances, to choose their own dairy.
For example, people with lactose intolerance, the body because of the lack of lactase, lactose Nutrition is more suitable for use in advance of hydrolysis of lactose milk and milk to ease milk occurs when bowel, flatulence and even cases of diarrhea, but also more Good digestion and absorption of nutrients in milk.
People can choose to lose weight more low-fat milk or yogurt. Because yogurt one can activate digestive enzymes in the stomach, intestinal patency, remove intestinal waste, adjust the intestinal fungi, increased probiotics, promote digestion and absorption. On the other hand are still without increasing calorie diet, increased intake of dietary calcium, can significantly reduce the proportion of fat in the body, reducing the probability of occurrence of obesity.


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