Cucumber juice and Alopecia


Cucumber is not only beautify the skin effect, but also the effect of preventing hair loss, cucumber with a diuretic, a strong heart and blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, prevent heart excessive stress and atherosclerosis effect. U.S. nutrition experts confirmed by comparative study, drinking a glass of cucumber juice daily can play to prevent hair loss and nail splitting, and even can also enhance people’s memory. Experiments nutrition experts also found no effect of eating a whole cucumber cucumber juice drink good effect.

Nutrition expert, said: “Many elements are contained in cucumber juice needed for hair and nails, and it contains a very small amount of fat and sugar, it is the ideal drink.”
The above is for “the hair with cucumber juice ‘sent packing’” the whole presentation, I hope to patients suffering from hair loss usually more than try to eat cucumber, cucumber can also wrap the affected area, for patients with more severe hair loss, must be positive go to the hospital for treatment, do not wait until all the hair follicle necrosis, and only want to treat, at that time the only hair.


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