Knee pain is arthritis


Up and down leg soft not osteoporosis

“Early when we feel a heavy sense of knee joint, or when starting, running less agile, slowly up and down the stairs will play soft legs, uncomfortable, furtherdevelopment is the flat road when also feel pain, finally is the deformity of knee joint.” Meng Zengdong explained, with increased age, knee joint nutritiongradually aging, nutrition is poor cartilage becomes dark brown, friction will causethe ache of knee joint.

In addition, some bad habits in daily life can lead to knee pain, such as often wear high-heeled shoes, there are a number of obese people.

Knee pain in the elderly should reduce climbing

For the beginning to feel knee discomfort in the crowd, Meng Zengdong said canchange according to the living habit.

“Many older people like to climb mountains, in fact, the burden on the knee is the biggest.” Meng Zengdong said, the elderly long time mountain climbing, or long time running is not good for the knee joint, reduce the burden on the knee, cantake the elevator to the elevator. Swimming, walking, Tai Chi, these are to reduce the burden of knee joint motion, do some upper limb movement.

Knee pain after the middle of development to change habits, in addition tooutside, still need to do some physical therapy, with a hot water soak, also can use some relieve inflammation.

“Security” is not “free” pillows low.

The phrase “sleep without any anxiety”, that Is it right? Means slept on pillowsbetter? In fact. Meng Zengdong suggested, the pillow should rely on a low point,cervical spondylosis patients can even do not rely on the pillow.

Now, some people have cervical vertebra disease, do cervical operation. Meng Zengdong said, this is completely wrong, “cervical vertebra disease is caused by the distortion metamorphosis, cervical vertebra is more active increasing more rapidly.” What the hell do sports? Meng Zengdong said, must do in the cervicalneck without moving movement, known as China movement.

Coffee, cola, cigarettes can lead to osteoporosis

Human bone around the age of 30 to reach a peak bone mass, increased with age, slowly lost, to a certain extent will cause the osteoporosis, particularlywomen after menopause, decreased bone mass was especially serious.

For osteoporosis, equally important, moderate exercise and calcium to maintain.”Milk, seafood is very good supplement food.” Meng Zengdong said, in addition,the sun is also very important, “the sunlight will form of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium.”


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