Pay attention to hygiene gym


In general, the summer wet places very easy to breed bacteria. Fitness equipment because a large number of fitness exercise, sweating, so that the fitness equipment to become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, if disinfection is not thoroughly clean the harmful bacteria in the sweat fitness manufactured under wet conditions, can survive for several days. In addition, the locker room, shower room fitness places because of people coming and going, there are some health risks.
In view of the above findings, the scientists at the University of Texas gives seven recommendations:
1 Wash hands thoroughly before and after fitness.
3 Do not touch during exercise his mouth, eyes and face, because it is easy to get harmful bacteria.
4 Do not wipe his hand, and use a clean towel.
5 fitness after a bath, do not walk around barefoot in the bathroom, be sure to wear slippers.
6 at rest in the gym, do not let direct contact with the skin seat, preferably a clean towel or mat on the seat wearing pants.
7 If you have a cold, try not to go to the gym.


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