Dye hair tips


Black beans are rich in melanin itself, and vinegar can enhance their coloring effect, we all know that hair dye hair roots closer to the body the greater the damage, the advantages of this approach is that the hair does not hurt the liver and kidney, can be hair roots. But this recipe is not strong persistence hair, once sweating easy to swap colors, require frequent stained, sweat can be used in much of the season. For more serious scalp damage and melanoma patients who do not apply.
In addition, the problem lies in the hair kidney, kidney foot, black hair, kidney deficiency, hair rough. The root cause lies Shao Baitou gene. Daily tonic for hair care by, for example, eat more beans, black sesame, black rice and other foods high melanin content. Drug kidney can eat Liuweidihuangwan, fleece-flower root. You can also Polygonum together with black rice porridge, put some time or Polygonum stew. This can slow down the rate of white hair by the kidney.


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