Properly wash face


Prepare a clean, soft, dry towel and a small irritant neutral soap; put soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) in the rub foaming, foam the better. With both hands holding up the foam wash, wash for 1 minute. Do not be too hard, if you feel pain, stop. Then wash with hot water (38-40 degrees) for 20 seconds, rinse with warm water and back to 20 seconds, so repeated three times. If better with shower, face away from the nozzle about a punch, while the spray face (with hot water), while the belly with your fingers tapping the face. Then spray the water thermostat 20 seconds. The water first with a dry towel to wipe his face, then gently pressed face absorbent. Finally painted lotion with convergence, the latter painted feel a sense of tension, can be painted several times.


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