Common Mistakes dumbbell fitness


We first need a clear purpose: I aspire strength and fitness, or improve physical fitness? Different purposes have different training methods and sometimes conflicting. Increase muscle strength with a relatively large weight in general practice, such as special exercises like weightlifting athletes; increase muscle size (long thick) exercises, generally need to select the 65% to 85% load dumbbells, is the so-called load can lift maximum weight, for example, if the average ratio of the maximum weight of each can lift is 10 kg, you need to choose a weight of 6.5 ~ 8.5 kg dumbbell exercise, exercise held on average every 6 to 8 group, the average each repeated 8 to 12 times, movement speed not too fast, the average interval of 2 to 3 minutes per group, suitable for bodybuilders and public fitness; improve physical fitness will have to be selected according to their own circumstances. Some people think that only workout dumbbell arm. In fact, properly designed, fully able to exercise dumbbell to the body. Can exercise waist muscles. Lower limb muscles. For example, [in] crunches when [the] neck, hands clasped dumbbells, or hold a dumbbell [in] the chest, abdominal exercises can increase the load and improve the training effect; holding dumbbell lunge squat. Side lunge squat. Leg squats, etc., can effectively exercise the front thigh muscles; holding dumbbell exercises can be put heavy exercise calf muscles.


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