Taking cardiovascular medicinal “water” Do not be too casual


For cardiovascular patients, need long-term medication. Drugs important role in disease prevention, although the physician should bear lead responsibility for rational drug use, but as a patient, to master some basic knowledge of the correct application of rational drugs, no doubt also indispensable.
Select the time according to the drug treatment
General will specify the number of prescription medication, patients convenient reference. For example, “three times a day,” the scientific method is to take every 24 hours, taken once every eight hours. But most patients may be due to work or other reasons the sake of convenience, the approach taken once each morning and evening service. Imagine that the three drugs are several in the 12 hours in the day, its therapeutic effect is certainly not ideal.
Drugs can not be taken with drinks
Serious adverse reactions caused by drugs and alcohol, side by side, serious and even cause death. With antihypertensive drugs, for example, the role of the principle of antihypertensive drugs is to make blood vessels dilate, blood pressure drop. If the medication during drinking, alcohol is also a major role in the expansion of blood vessels, which in angiogenesis “overlay” expanded role, it may lead to hypotension shock, severe life-threatening.
Since drugs and alcohol are metabolized by the liver, they are in the same channel, it is easy to interact to cause severe adverse reactions. Do not drink alcohol at all during the medication, and aspirin, calm sleeping pills, antibiotics, antidiabetic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, anticancer drugs and other drugs, especially alcohol can not be taken simultaneously.
Warm water works best drugs
In medicine experts, in addition to not drink during the medication, with medication, drug delivery, “beverage” has yet to be science. The correct medication is to use warm water, tea and juice are not recommended. Some patients with Guozhen, grape juice, grapefruit juice and juice “administration”, which can also cause adverse reactions. Because juice drinks contain certain ingredients, the interaction with the pharmaceutical composition, especially after receiving transplant patients taking immunosuppressive agents, because some juice ingredients, resulting in instability or changes in efficacy, causing adverse reactions.
1, taking the best use of water 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, because some drugs if juice or tea delivery service will reduce the efficacy or even produce toxic side effects.
2, some multi-drug aid digestive enzymes, probiotics and activity of the protein, or the case of thermal denaturation and coagulation failure to choose when to take cool boiled water.
3, some of the capsules class of drugs should also be taken as a good choice cold water, be sure to drink plenty of water after taking the drug to prevent their adhesion in the esophagus or gastric mucosa and cause discomfort.
4, after taking cough syrup drugs, do not drink immediate hot water, hot water will dilute the syrup blunt reduced viscosity, can not form a protective membrane in the throat and relieve cough.


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