To be a hair mask dry hair


Do hair mask and mask to do the same as oil, so face double the absorption of nutrients, the hair can make hair mask; oils and fat membranes, protein and moisture loss can be locked, so that the hair can increase the chance of absorption of nutrients, angry reply.
Methods: First, wash the wet hair, then hair mask or oil supplies even painted hair, but do not avoid direct contact with the scalp, then wrap with plastic wrap hair with heat for 15-20 minutes, and finally cleaned Tips: Use Hair Mask or oil, the best fit while steam because the heat can make the hair surface particles of space to expand, make hair easier to absorb the necessary nutrients. May wish to send the first film in the bath or oil supplies deposited in the hair, then wrap and then again before going to the hot water showers, hot air, steam so hot there, help hair absorb nutrients. Supplies of oil and fat film dyeing, perm and dry hair, remember about their hair before making the selection. Want to quickly restore hair luster, you can do once every two days. Cut slits parts oil again, the effect is even better. Oil coated the tail shiny oil this method the most efficient, because the surface temporarily make the hair moisture, but palliatives, no time to do as deep fat or oil


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