Computer workers how to care for the skin


The first task is to clean skin with warm water wash face with cleansing solution, electrostatic adsorption of all the dirt washed off, and then coated with a mild skin care products, long time to reduce damage, skin beauty. Usually prepare a bottle of eye drops, to prepare for contingencies. After working deposited a cucumber slices, potato chips or frozen milk, herbal tea is also good. Static screen radiation, most likely to attract dust, long face, more likely to lead to spots and wrinkles. Before applying skin lotion might work, plus a layer of pale, in order to increase the skin’s resistance. Vitamin B is very beneficial for mental, if you sleep late, sleep quality is not good, you should eat liver, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B group substances. In addition, meat, fish, dairy products also help to increase memory; chocolate, wheat donut, seafood, dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system, lying in bed before going to bed, relax, will head back on the edge of the bed The following, ease behind the brain with blood and oxygen supply shortage. Also, you can lie flat on a bed or couch, elevate the feet to relieve swelling of both feet and help blood return, prevent varicose veins. Might Shengelanyao, leaning on a chair gymnastics or belief, his hands back, to stretch the psoas muscle tension fatigue; shaking finger movement can be done, this is the easiest way to completely relax the fingers. Remember, these gymnastic exercise less, but more than lie-significant effect.


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