Use Absorbing tissues


Glial strong absorbing tissues of more than oil, water is also high, very suitable for oily skin. If your skin belongs to a class easy to sweat, you can select those absorbing tissues simultaneously with oil and sweat function. Absorbing tissues containing the foundation, there are makeup effects, a little sweat and oil secretions of choice, most people fit easily use makeup. However, no makeup people can use general absorbing tissues, using a powder-containing products but will feel uneven skin tone. Of course, the oil-absorbing face powder inherent in the paper, it may now face foundation color difference too much, let’s face looks like a piece of skin. Then, you can use your fingers to gently set aside the flour evenly, while avoiding uneven patches reached Dingzhuang effect. If you are traveling abroad or outdoor activities, optional features suction and wet wipes combo absorbing tissues. Some brands have also launched the cleansing cotton these effects, is a good choice. Some people who are absorbing tissues contain additional ingredients such as vitamins or whitening, focusing on healthy skin try. Many people have trouble absorbing tissues of the face of the oil is always their hands, frequent use, hoping to make a little sticky and greasy face some freshness. However, the frequency of use of absorbing tissues too frequently, or use the wrong methods and intensity, it will cause harm to the skin. Due to the proper use of absorbing tissues than normal tissue texture is much to delicate, gently pressing is absorbing tissues, the first by T word parts most susceptible to oil, and then gradually move to the cheek, to remove excess oil. And cleansing the same reason, absorbing tissues only when needed to draw floating in oil skin on it. Therefore, to use oil blotting paper, the frequency of twice a day is the most appropriate.


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