The elderly should pay attention to sports injury prevention


Spring temperature, and the elderly campaigns must be warm, you can not wear too little. In case of cold stimulation of muscle cramps, mental stress, excessive contraction caused by the body due to overwork. In some prolonged exercise or swim in the most common, is not ready to fully warm-up exercise, are also prone to cramps. When cramps, muscle rigidity, pain, often unable to relieve, improper handling can cause muscle damage.
After the external force caused by a muscle contusion, to promptly stop the movement, treatment to prevent damage further. Prevent sports injuries, for the elderly, the effect can not relax, the first concern is the joints. Knee ligament to stabilize the joints is very important. Sprains and sports collisions can easily cause a torn ligament, joint instability occurs, swelling and other symptoms after the event. Meniscus is cartilage pad knee within two, is the body’s shock absorbers. Sound joints can occur after tearing the meniscus injury, the pain got worse when the squat. Knee ligament, meniscus injury if not promptly after discovery, while continuing activities easily repeated injuries, thereby causing traumatic synovitis, articular cartilage wear, leading to joint degeneration in advance.
Experts warned that the elderly often do morning exercise some significant movement hypertension legs, squats, etc., not knowing which of the knee, meniscus will bring sports injury.


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