Summer nutrition knowledge


Eat “sterilization” of vegetables, anti-intestinal diseases. High summer temperatures, intestinal infectious disease-prone season, then eat more “sterilization” of vegetables, can prevent disease. Such vegetables include: garlic, onions, etc., these vegetables have a variety of pathogens kill and inhibition. Most suitable to eat tofu spring and summer, spring and anger tend to be more prosperous, this time, tofu is a good choice, because it is sweet and cool, with Qi and in the Health and body fluid, heat under fire for effect. The level of nutrition of vegetables from deep to shallow follow the law, the order total trends: black, purple, green, red, yellow, white. While at the same types of vegetables, dark-colored varieties are more nutritious than varieties. Summer food should be fresh, clean, do not eat rotten food. Diet should be regular meals, reduce the burden on the stomach, eat cold, greasy and non-digestible thing. Should not be forced to eat when loss of appetite. After strenuous exercise or sports, not shout cold, to prevent lead to chronic stomach; Furthermore, when strenuous exercise, throat capillary dilation state for sudden cold stimulation, prone to throat irritation, cough rinse symptoms.


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