Who is better not to eat vitamin


Heart disease patients to avoid vitamin E studies have found that people with heart disease if a lot of vitamin E, the incidence of heart failure and increased risk of hospitalization by 13% and 20%, respectively. In addition, excess potassium will increase the risk of arrhythmia and palpitations.

Diabetic patients with diabetes do not make vitamin B3 if large doses of vitamin B3 (17 mg or more daily supplement) can cause elevated blood sugar. And supplemental dose, the more serious problems caused by blood sugar.

Do patients with psoriasis Psoriasis Vitamin A supplement conventional medicine retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A is stored in the liver into the body after overdose (men more than 0.7 mg per day for women than 0.6 mg per day) can produce toxins in the body, cause conjunctivitis, alopecia hair loss and skin deterioration.

With osteoporosis who do not make the blood phosphorus levels of vitamin A if too easily lead to loss of bone calcium, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Experts recommend a daily supplement does not exceed 250 mg of phosphorus, high-dose vitamin A supplementation and bone mineral density decreases are closely related.

Suffering from gastric ulcer with other vitamin supplements A study found that when patients with gastric ulcer treatment of gastric ulcer drugs while eating, if supplemented with vitamin A, would seriously undermine the efficacy of the latter. In addition to vitamins, kidney and prostate cancer patients also best not to calcium.

In addition, two common causes of kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes. Calcium per day if more than 700 milligrams of calcium accumulation in the kidney can cause long-term calcium can lead to kidney stones.

Supplements Do not eat, do not just calcium supplement, studies have found that a daily supplement of 500-1000 mg of calcium in patients with prostate cancer, and bone mineral loss is more serious. Effective method of bone healthy exercise intensity is increased.


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