Eat chicken, chicken soup


In the process of chicken stew, fat, vitamins and calcium in the bones relatively easily dissolved into the soup. Fat-soluble substances are dissolved in fat flavor inside, into the soup along with the fat, and water-soluble flavoring substances naturally easy access to the soup, which is the reason why the soup tastes better. However, the soup tastes better does not mean that we are concerned about the nutritional content of protein also entered the soup. Chicken proteins in more species, in the process of stew only a small part will be dissolved into the soup. How many proteins dissolve in the soup greatly affected by salt and soup time, but hardly more than 10% of the total. In other words, just do not eat meat soup, then throw away the equivalent of more than 90% protein.

In the course of chicken soup, when salt is very important. Salt is added to dissolve the one hand promoting protein, that is, add the salt soup stew will increase the protein. Some also say that salt can cause coagulation of meat protein denaturation, thus preventing protein dissolution. This argument somewhat for granted. Chicken without salt added during the denaturation of proteins are in the process of high temperature stew, protein does not solidify. On the other hand, the addition of salt to increase the osmotic pressure of the soup, chicken causes dehydration. The usual words, chicken become “dry” lost “tender” taste. This is also the reason it is difficult to eat chicken soup finished stew.

Popular nationwide sliced ??cold chicken, the chicken is not cooked salted water fast, in fact, try to avoid protein and other ingredients into the soup, so as to maintain chicken delicious. United States did not chicken soup habit when they cooked chicken which is keen to avoid the loss of nutrients, so usually grilled, fried or steamed like cooking methods.

From the perspective of conservation of matter, nutrients in chicken is fixed. Simple heating can not produce new nutrients, and long may damage the heating down certain nutrients. On the most important ingredient in terms of protein, a small part in the soup, a large part of the meat.

Of course, for many people, when eating is considered more delicious than nutrition. And good soup, indeed better than the meat to taste. If you use a word to sum up the problem, then, is: To delicious chicken soup; to nutrition, eat chicken.

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