Pollution which house renovated


After buying new furniture, home smelling; do not smoke, have little contact with environmental tobacco smoke, but often feel a sore throat, a foreign body; children often coughing, sneezing, decreased immunity, the children do not want to return a newly renovated home; Under normal circumstances, pregnant women, fetal malformation was found; new move or the newly renovated, indoor plants can not easily survive, prone leaves yellow, wilt, especially some of the vitality of the plant is difficult to grow normally; families often have skin allergies, and is the mass of; family have headache, lightheadedness, drowsiness and other symptoms, there are better away from home. Formaldehyde mainly from various types of artificial board (used for flooring, cabinets) adhesives, furniture and paving wallpaper used, the quality standards for formaldehyde emission adhesives have some control, while the poor adhesive will release more formaldehyde; TVOC, ie total volatile organic compounds, mainly divided into benzene, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, etc., in the home environment, mainly in paints, coatings and plastic type material. Currently more effective solution is scientific decoration, simple decoration, minimize the use of decoration materials, not filled with furniture at home, and want to buy quality furniture and building materials, radically reducing pollution; adequate ventilation, the exposure to air pollution as much as possible in; choose the right air purification device, planted spider plants, aloe vera plants can absorb harmful substances, as a supplementary solution. Part of the stone decoration with radioactive substances, the body will cause radiation damage. If you use the stone as a home decoration materials, large-scale use is not recommended.


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