Improper sleeping posture is easy to aging


Cosmetics has a strong adhesion, will contaminants will accumulate on top, plus the skin secretion of grease, sweat, if not completely removed, the skin will hinder the normal metabolism, growth of bacteria, grow pimples or acne, acne. People often do not makeup, dirt will always remain in the skin, caused great difficulties for future cleanup. Some women without makeup before going to sleep, remaining on the skin cosmetics clog pores, causing sweat secretion disorder, not likely to cause acne, but a long time will damage the skin, it accelerated aging. So, whether it is makeup or makeup, even without makeup, should be home early remover, which is the first step in skin care. If we use too high a pillow during sleep, equivalent to the entire sleep time are forced to bow in, head to the left or right side of the head to the state, which is equal to the outside work during the day and gave the neck adds a heavy burden naturally it is easy to cause cervical spondylosis. From the physiological point of view, the pillow height of 8-12 cm is appropriate. Pillow is too low, likely to cause “stiff neck”, or because too much blood flowing into the brain, causing crazy to the next day, swollen eyelids; pillow is too high, it will affect the respiratory tract, easy snoring, over time, easily lead to neck discomfort or hump, impact dressing effect. Will begin sleeping pillow body tense, his hands while sleeping pillow under the head, in addition to affecting blood circulation, causing upper extremity numbness and pain, but also easy to make intra-abdominal pressure increases over time will produce “reflux esophagitis.” In addition, cervical pillow and started sleeping shoulder will generate pressure, affect the quality of sleep. As the cold weather, many people are afraid of the head cold, his head covered with a quilt like sleeping, not knowing to be masked easily cause breathing difficulties, carbon dioxide concentration as quilts, oxygen concentration declining for a long time inhaling moist air, the brain is lethal. A long time, can lead to hypoxia, causing sleep well, easy to nightmares. There are people who wake up this habit often swollen eyelids, apathetic, listless, even yawning, feeling sour. Such symptoms are manifestations of metabolic brain affected.


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