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Under the California sunshine, autumn coolness did not make lower interest Chubby surfing. Taking advantage of the noon sun is still strong, a group led by coach Chubby’re learning to surf. Surfing is not only a very exciting adventure, but also for health, slimming great sense. Surfing the elimination of the waist, leg and arm fat is very effective, so loved by the people and respected. Old fad in Europe “Jogging” in the new century has evolved into “Fartlek”. “Fartlek” from Sweden, meaning “speed of the game.” This is a way of running the Olympic coach Ge Site? Homer created by the unsteadiness of the running. This unsteadiness Needless to comply with the rules of running an orderly manner, according to their ability to adjust the speed and degree of difficulty. In Nawei, the researchers found that a combination of continuous 70 minutes by fast jogging finish within 15 hours after the body is still in the fast “burning” of fat. The use of robust pace jogger has failed to achieve this effect. Note:

1, must be jogging 5 minutes to warm up before you start 10-15 minutes Fartlek run.

2, try to run in undulating woodland, so muscles have been tempered.

3, each sprint jogging after a while, in order to allow the body to fully recover.

Water jogging in the summer in Europe and other countries have been obese patients alike. As the weather turns cold, some old and fat, water jogging venue has been transferred by a heated indoor pool.

Water jogging benefit is offset by the buoyancy of the water produced as part weight, less prone to muscle sprain or ligament strain phenomenon.

And the density of the water and heat resistance than air, the water resistance is 12 times that of air, so the energy consumption of the water to be much higher than the land.

Jogging by the water, the human abdomen, legs can get a good workout, legs and abdominal fat more efficiently removed. In the stress of modern life and work, described as “physically and mentally exhausted.” For health and beauty, let us join the movement of thin bar.


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