Changes from the hair to see your health


Thinning hair: It may be too much or too little thyroid secretion signs. Thyroid secretes hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic activities, including hair growth. If the thyroid condition caused the protein metabolism, it would lead to hair loss and thinning hair. Due to poor diet or overeating caused by malnutrition may also lead to thinning hair.

Hair loss: There may be iron deficiency. As the body’s natural cycle change, we lost every day 40-100 hairs. However, if you find that hair loss at a faster rate, then we would check it is not a slight deficiency of the body.

Soft or dry hair: lack of moisture. Healthy hair is stretched apart from each other, but if improper diet, each hair follicle on the molecular structure can not be better to retain moisture. Then you can eat more healthy fats, such as mackerel and trout, they contain fatty acids that help hair moisturizer.

Hair lack luster: a lack of vitamin B. Hair loss of luster, due to lack of oil or fat is usually effective functioning of the key to vitamin B. May try to add some vitamin B. More food containing vitamin B animal liver, beans and brown rice and so on.

Hair too much oil: milk may be excessive. Some researchers believe that hair, hair oil is due to drinking too much milk, yogurt and other dairy beverages due. The solution is simple, stop drinking milk beverages after 1 week can be effective.

Hair does not grow: there may be food allergies. This situation may be symptoms of food allergies, food allergy may shorten the growth cycle of the hair, making hair stop growing earlier. The most common allergies are allergic to dairy products, for which there is a need for allergy testing. If the hair is not always M. fouling resulting oil will affect the growth of hair.

Hair split ends: the lack of minerals or vitamins. It may be necessary for the body of missing body several mineral elements or vitamins. Note about the food we eat, should eat foods rich in protein, so it helps to change the hair ends bifurcation.

Dandruff: fungal allergy. And the human scalp skin has a small amount of the fungus present, but who have dandruff more than 25% of the distribution of the fungus on the scalp, scalp stimulating excess fungi produce excessive dandruff. To reduce dandruff shampoo can use some of the drug-containing, strong shampoos containing salicylic acid, such as a certain effect.


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