The Situation can not use MSG


1, should not be placed too alkaline or too acid in the soup. MSG will occur in alkaline soup liquid chemical changes will produce a bad smell; solubility in acidic liquid soup small, MSG will fail.

2, should not eat too much. Excessive amount (daily consumption of 5 grams or more), there will be back and upper extremity numbness, aches and weakness and other adverse reactions.

3, should not put in the soy pan. MSG at a high temperature becomes sodium pyroglutamate, which is a toxic substance. Similarly nor long stew.

4, not transferred to the fish, shrimp, clam and other foods and Kazakhstan.

5, should not be added to scrambled eggs in. Because the egg itself contains many amino acids, is the main component of MSG.

6, not babies. MSG and infant blood can result in the occurrence of specific combinations of zinc to produce glutamic acid zinc, lead infant excreted with the urine zinc deficiency,

7, not directly in the mix dish. Impact due to insoluble flavoring effect, should be first dissolved in an appropriate amount of MSG after the line mix warm water, so good seasoning effect.


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