Why do people get headaches after drinking


1, drink headache – fusel oil angered disaster: either wine or distilled liquor brewed Individually traces of fusel oil exist, and wine fusel oil after drinking will also cause pain faint factors.

2, amines irritation: beer, wine, and wine, rich in amines and amine itself catecholamines, sympathetic nerve endings will stimulate the release of adrenaline, and epinephrine constricts blood vessels and rose with the role of hypertension, resulting in headaches.

3, insufficient blood supply to the brain: alcohol will reduce cerebral blood flow, reduced cerebral blood flow can cause brain lactate, oxygen ions, a ions. Adenosine, prostaglandins and catecholamines accumulation of these substances in itself is pain caused by substances, and these substances can also cause cerebral vasodilation.

Drink honey water treatment headache. Honey contains a special kind of fructose, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine induced headache. In addition, there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly, it will not get a headache the next day.


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