Why can not break apart and eat capsules


Drugs currently on the market, many pharmaceutical dosage forms, there are pills, tablets, capsules, granules and the like. The effectiveness of different formulations of drugs with drugs themselves have a great relationship. Drug capsule has three purposes: first, to cover up the bad smell of certain drugs; Second, some drugs do not need but must dissolve in the stomach and intestines, the enteric-coated capsules made to ensure the full effectiveness of the drug; three in order to make medicines clean and beautiful, so that patients have a sense of disgust Buzhi Yu enhance letter to overcome the disease. In general, taking the capsules whole pieces needed dose unless the elderly, patients with swallowing difficulties or dose than necessary.

There are two drugs are capsules must be swallowed whole, one sustained-release capsules, the second is enteric capsules. Both drugs is so designed to ensure that the drug is absorbed in the small intestine and other specific locations, taking sustained-release capsules may reduce the efficacy of open, open taking enteric capsules will cause drug-induced gastritis. Enteric capsules built many of the drugs on gastric mucosal damage, in which the stomach was undoubtedly the most hostile to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Fenbid, these drugs can cause severe cases may lead to bleeding and perforation, adrenal corticosteroid drugs can slow update speed gastric epithelial cells and promote the secretion of gastric acid and proteases. Meanwhile, a class of enzymes or probiotics capsule drug dose must be whole pieces.


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