Proper drinking coffee can increase muscle strength


Long history of coffee, the role of the magical and unique, with some addictive, once even once considered as hazardous substances and drugs, which are classified as contraband of some social groups and organizations. By now, the main ingredient of caffeine as coffee has been listed as one of the IOC doping. Because caffeine can stimulate the brain’s central nervous system, increase the body’s metabolism, speed up heart rate, rhythm, so that the body can release more energy, and can also accelerate physical recovery. Before fitness drink a cup of coffee can be more favorable with sports and fitness. Effects of caffeine can be maintained for one hour, in this hour, the body can lift heavier weight than usual instrument, can often help to become a breakthrough in the bottleneck of the trainer. At the same time, caffeine can help promote fat burning, and improve the efficiency of weight loss. This resulted in many famous bodybuilders Before training like a cup of coffee, one can make yourself excited; promote physical condition can also come in a more ideal state, to achieve maximum fitness results in a short period of time.


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