Nine behavior seriously affect your kidneys


Most men do not love the bland boiled water, by contrast, soft drinks, cola and other carbonated drinks or coffee and other drinks naturally become the best alternative to plain water. However, these drinks contain caffeine, often lead to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure, kidney injury is one of the important factors. Eat more fruits and vegetables healthy, which is most people’s idea, but for chronic renal dysfunction people, fruits and vegetables can help these usually are considered natural blood pressure lowering ingredient foods containing potassium, but will result in long-term consumption of their destruction of renal function. In fact, for people who are poor kidney function, potassium also aggravate kidney workmanship ingredients, great for kidney damage. Studies have shown that long-term use of painkillers mixed, the body’s blood flow velocity will be forced to reduce, so will seriously affect kidney function. In addition, it is noteworthy that the analgesic-induced renal failure patients are more prone to bladder cancer. Salt, is to make a major culprit aggravated kidney burden. Salt in our diet is 95% metabolized by the kidneys, and the intake of too much burden on the kidneys forced increased, coupled with the sodium salt causes the body to water can not be discharged, further increasing the burden on the kidneys, resulting in a loss of kidney function. If you have suffered from kidney disease areas, and unlimited drink a lot of beer, will lead to the deposition of uric acid renal tubular obstruction, causing kidney failure.


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