Five special signal heart disease


1 ,signal: male hair loss

Young male head hair loss, increase the risk of heart disease. Studies have confirmed that, compared with those bushy hair, head hair reduction, increased risk of heart disease by 23%, while the male pattern baldness increased risk of heart disease by 36%. Studies suggest that men with androgen-related hair loss, which may be associated with atherosclerosis hormone, so bald men, we must care for a lot of heart.

2, signal: lower extremity edema

Finger pressing the ankle or calf, after you release your finger pressed parts was a depression, and often can not be restored immediately, known as “depressed edema.” When the heart is not working properly, the body can not effectively complete blood circulation, due to gravity, fluid retention in the lower extremities are at this time is often accompanied by some other symptoms of heart failure, such as frequent urination, decreased urine output, weight gain, night cough, this edema also known as “cardiogenic edema.” It first appeared in the lower extremities, especially the ankle, then gradually developed into the body, this happens to hurry to check.

3, signal: periodontal disease

Swollen gums, bleeding is a sign of poor oral health, but also a sign of heart disease. Studies have confirmed that periodontal disease is closely related to heart disease, maintain oral hygiene, periodontal health protection can reduce the risk of heart disease.

4, signal: yellow skin lipoma

Yellow lipoma is a fatty deposition disease, the main damage to the skin. When the skin, especially near the eyes appear yellow, orange nodules, papules or plaques time, you should consider whether it is yellow lipoma. These people tend to have lipid metabolism, also increased the risk of heart disease, so pay attention to their lipid levels detected in time, the lipid transferred to the normal range.

5, signal: Cataract

Many studies have suggested an increased risk of heart disease, cataracts, although the exact mechanism is not very clear, but undoubtedly more cataract patients should protect good heart.

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  1. ibear says:

    Chest pain, heart disease, especially the typical symptoms of angina pectoris, but in life there are a lot of people’s symptoms are not typical of heart disease, bleeding gums, and some signs of male pattern baldness may also be a risk factor for heart disease, but often overlooked.

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