Remove toxins skills


Initiative coughing law:
Nature of the dust, metal particles and emissions of toxic substances into the lungs through breathing, only harms the lungs, but also through the blood circulation and the “implicate” body. With active cough can “sweep” the lungs. Outdoor fresh air every day to do deep breathing exercises, deep breathing slowly raised his arms, then take the initiative to cough, so that air from the mouth, nose spray, cough up sputum.

Water washing method:
Regular bowel movements, stool shorter residence time in the intestine, timely feces toxins. Every morning drink a cup of warm water fasting is conducive stool and toxins from the urine.

Sports sweating law:
Dermal route is also excrete toxins, primarily through sweating, which allows the toxins excreted with the sweat.

Using food law:
1, the consumption of a variety of fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice (not fry cook), fresh fruit, fresh juice is the body “cleaner”, they can rid the body of accumulated toxins and waste.
2, eat seaweed, kelp radioactive material has a special affinity, kelp can promote gum along with the large body of radioactive substances excreted, thereby reducing the accumulation of radioactive substances in the human body, but also reduced the incidence of radiation sickness.
3, often Helvdoutang, bean soup could help the body excrete toxins, promote the body’s normal metabolism.


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