Man’s body is most needed seven fruits


Hair perm process will take away the hair of moisture and grease, so the hair becomes dry. Mature avocado contains 30% of the precious plant oils – oleic acid, for dry hair with special effects. Mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles, because rich in B-carotene and unique enzymes that stimulate skin cell vitality, promote waste discharge. Long-term smokers lungs accumulate large amounts of toxins, impaired function. Active ingredients contained in grapes can improve cell metabolism, cellular detoxification helps the lungs. In addition, the grape also has expectorant effect. Lack of vitamin B1 people susceptible to athlete’s foot problems. In this case the most suitable choice oranges, which are rich in vitamin B1, and helps glucose metabolism. Excessive lead to human body vitamins, minerals and calories deficiency, supplements can provide the necessary nutrients bananas and relieve negative emotions with the brain. After the muscle strain, tissue inflammation, poor blood circulation, pain, swelling injured area. Pineapple contains bromelain components have anti-inflammatory effect, can promote tissue repair. Excessive use of eyes, the retinal photoreceptors rely on consumption of large quantities of vitamin A key material, then you need to provide a lot of vitamin A papaya.


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