Shampoos salt can effectively prevent hair loss


Hair loss is often a lot a lot a lot of people worry this exception, even suspect that he is not seriously ill.

In fact, fallen leaves and trees, when hair loss is a normal phenomenon, the reason is the climate is dry, water not promptly added, resulting in reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands, causing hair dry and fall off. The hair is often very small normal deaths, dozens root out every day is normal; However, if there are more than 50 early roots found on the pillow, the same as the thickness of the hair and the hair root, the hair roots as well as white points, then not be taken lightly, and must seek help of hormone drugs.

If hair loss is normal, you do not tense. Relax, reduce stress, and usually some of the hair care and more, you can get rid of these troubles. Personal care products anti-hair loss shampoo can be used, balanced nutrition shampoo hair roots, as well as active ingredients containing vitamins, minerals, complex recipes nutrition hair roots. When shampooing, a few drops of vinegar in the water or put a little salt, wash water should not be too hot or too cold. 2-5 days once appropriate shampoo, shampoo while at the same time you can also rub, massage with the pulp side.


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