Usefulness of banana peel


Face is dry skin, inside a banana peel stickers can be used on the face (skin side toward the inside nerve), dry for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Leather sofas or leather chair, using a long period, usually you should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance work, or a long time to clean up is not so easy. Here’s a little trick to rub leather sofas; after eating a banana, banana peel easily with friction inside the leather sofa, you can eliminate the dirt, clean leather sofas. With a banana peel to polish shoes, make leather clean and bright. Take a banana peel 30 grams -60 grams, decoction taking, treating high blood pressure. Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel on behalf of tea decoction can dilate blood vessels, prevent stroke and angina. Take three banana peel, Dunshu taking to treat hemorrhoids pain, bowel bleeding. At each with hot towels, hind foot, with the inside of a banana peel in the hands of friction, prevent hand, foot chapped skin. If you already have a gap, and the gap at the banana peel can be directly friction, generally once every several times to governance.


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