Often overlooked symptoms of heart disease


Anxiety: heart disease can cause severe anxiety or fear of death, heart attack survivors have had great “sense of shock” experience.
Chest pain: Chest pain is a typical symptom of a heart attack, but not all heart disease patients have chest pain symptoms. Chest pain caused by a heart attack mainly confined to the left part of the sternum, and multiple female patients will feel a burning sensation in the chest rather than the chest or chest pain.
Cough: Asthma is a persistent cough or signs of heart failure is the result of fluid in the lungs caused. Sometimes, patients with heart failure may have hemoptysis sputum phenomenon.
Vertigo: heart attack can cause dizziness and loss of consciousness, these symptoms may be caused by arrhythmias are potentially dangerous.
Fatigue: during a heart attack can cause recurrent fatigue
Nausea or loss of appetite: There may be gastrointestinal symptoms of a heart attack, heart disease cause abdominal swelling can interfere with appetite.
Pain: heart attack, chest pain may extend to the shoulder, arm, elbow, back, neck, jaw or stomach. Sometimes the chest pain may not occur, but other parts of the pain, and is a transient. Men often feel left arm pain in patients with heart disease, women with arms or shoulder blade pain occurred.
Shortness of breath: shortness of breath may be signs of a heart attack or heart failure, heart disease and some chest tightness and chest pain does not occur, but there will be symptoms of shortness of breath occur. When a heart attack, often accompanied by shortness of breath, chest tightness, chest discomfort will occur before.
Sweating: sudden cold sweat is also a common symptom of a heart attack, even if the patient is sitting in a chair does not move will not stop sweating.


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