People may be dehydrated when under pressure


1. low-carbohydrate
Carbohydrates in the form of a fluid present in the human body. So you discharge carbohydrates causes the body to lose a few pounds of water. Nutritionists Jamie – Maas said, it looks favorable for your body, but harmful to your hydration. In addition, because the cereal, pasta and brown rice and other carbohydrates in the cooking process will absorb moisture, so eating these foods can increase your hydration. If you reduce the intake, you may reduce the amount of water ingested unknowingly.
2 Pressure
When you are under pressure, the adrenal glands will release stress hormones. Experts point out that if you continue to face stress, your adrenal glands finally exhausted, resulting in adrenal insufficiency. The problem is that manufacturers need adrenal aldosterone, a hormone that helps regulate the body’s fluid and electrolyte levels. So when the adrenal fatigue, aldosterone produced by the body will be reduced, causing dehydration, electrolyte levels lower. Although the increase in fluid intake to help in the short term, but the factors regulating the pressure is only correct long-term solution.
3. Aging
Maas said that when you get older, the body’s ability to conserve water and thirst will decline, which means that you are more vulnerable to dehydration and more difficult to tell when your fluid level is too low. If you can not remember to drink water throughout the day, then try to play a game every day always put a bottle of water on the side, and do not forget to calculate the total amount of drinking.
4. Dietary supplements
Although it is “natural” does not mean that your bladder will not “overload.” Maas said that studies have shown, parsley, celery seed, dandelion and watercress will increase the amount of urine, which may cause dehydration. If you want to take dietary supplements, the best first and nutritionists, primary care doctor or naturopathic doctor about any potential negative effects.
5 high altitude
You go to high altitudes when traveling through the body to increase urine output accelerated breathing and adapt to the new environment. Although they adapt to the altitude and adjust oxygen levels are necessary, but constantly urinating and panting may make you dehydrated. Exhaled breath often makes you more water than usual.
6 Drinking
Beware hangover! Even some well-behaved happy hour, it could drain your fluid levels. Why? Because alcohol makes you often go to the toilet. Alcohol inhibition of antidiuretic hormone. This hormone is usually consumed by some of the fluid back to your body, instead of being sent to the bladder. At the same time, due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, your cell contraction, prompting more water into the bladder. Maas said that all this will reduce the body’s hydration. More importantly, because alcohol can damage your ability to send thirst and fatigue, dehydration signal early, so you can easily miss dehydration makes the critical point.
7 eat too little fruit and vegetables
Let’s agricultural products accounted for half meal may make you more intake of up to two glasses of water every day. In other words, if you do not adhere to the “five a day” diet principles, but by the lack of irreparable body water and more water will lead to


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  1. ibear says:

    Sunny summer day, really sweating it! However, even if the body of water lost only 1.5%, mood, and energy levels are diminished cognitive function. Your body is about 60% water. A study of the American University of Connecticut showed that even losing 1.5% water, your mood, energy levels and cognitive function will be weakened. 1.5% is the critical point of mild dehydration. Sunny and hot weather, exercise, or drink enough and other factors will make you dehydrated, but some of the factors leading to dehydration and you do not necessarily understand.

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