Brushing properly protect health


Appearance standards of quality toothbrushes: the overall appearance of high quality toothbrush: Brush short and narrow, flat and straight brush handle, brush the surface flat and flush. Tabular bulk toothbrush cheaper price then do not make some plate-like toothbrushes on the market, which is large and wide brush, bristles full and dense, closely spaced tufts that, in general the price is cheaper. The use of such methods is bound to give brushing teeth, gums, causing some damage, such as wedge-shaped defects cause tooth, gum recession, root exposure, such as tooth gap widened. In addition, because the head of the toothbrush to brush the plate-like than the posterior, a long time, stuck in the back of the mouth of food residue will be in the role of bacteria in fermentation, corruption, followed by damage to the teeth. Due to damage to the teeth is a slow process, and can not see the damage immediately, so some people still think the bulk of the toothbrush up and easy to use, save time, but do not know for a long time the damage caused. Good measure of toothpaste: First consistency should be appropriate, extruded from the hose into strips, both covering the teeth, not to splash. Second, moderate friction, have a good tooth cleaning results, but does not hurt the enamel. Third paste stability during storage of water, regardless of cream, not stiff, pH stable. Fourth, the drug should be kept within the validity period of toothpaste effect. Fifth, the paste should be smooth and beautiful, no bubbles. Sixth foam during brushing properly so easily eliminate food debris suspended. Seven is the flavor, the taste to be appropriate. Requirements of bristles: good surface finish; thickness moderate, fine the deformation, rough is easy to damage the teeth and gums, and bad elasticity; grinding head office is sleek. Must master the correct method of brushing. Not only do we want to develop good brushing habits, but also to pay attention to brushing methods. If the wrong brushing method can also be caused by abuse, the most common damage is gum recession and tooth surface loss. People can grasp good brushing method depends largely on the flexibility of hands. While everyone has a clever humble gesture of brushing the points, but if given full induction, most people can effectively use a toothbrush to clean the mouth. How to test the effect of brushing: From the perspective of prevention, removal of plaque is the focus of oral hygiene. Because the plaque is one of the common factors of dental caries and periodontal disease, plaque, if cleared, would resolve the issue of prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases; while also lose the foundation upon which tartar formation . Check the brushing effect standard, is to see whether plaque has been completely cleared the net. Anti-scratch tongue when brushing gastritis: According to statistics at home and abroad, the population of H. pylori infection rate is approximately 50%, this organism is the causative agent of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer, and in a family with each other infection tendencies. People suffering from chronic gastritis, should pay attention to oral hygiene is, when you brush your teeth every morning scrape the tongue, are good for the people to themselves.


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