The method of exercise bikes


Freeride law is limited time, limited strength, the main purpose is to relax the muscles, plus a deep breath, so as to achieve ease the physical and mental life, work pressure caused by fatigue.
There are two specific methods intensity cycling method. First, the provisions of each riding a good rate, the second is prescribed to control his own strength to ride fast pulse, heart and lung irritation such great cycling method can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system.
Intermittent speed riding law specific approach is alternately riding, the first slow ride a few minutes, and then a few minutes fast ride, cycle times, which can effectively exercise cardiopulmonary function. ?
Depending on the strength of the law to ride hard riding conditions, such as uphill, downhill, not only can effectively improve the strength of the legs or endurance, but also the prevention of the thigh bone disorders.
Aerobic cycling method mainly medium-speed ride, generally ride about 30 minutes, this method should pay attention to deep breathing exercises, this method of weight loss effects, while improving heart and lung function is also very good.


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