Running Fitness one week only three times


Running to achieve three targets
We are taught very young age, exercise to persevere. So many people think that once you start running, you must adhere to every day. But according to the latest sports science achievement, running does not need to be forced, as long as the gradual increase in the amount of training on the line. Generally, people take running fitness, in order to achieve a certain training effect, required to achieve three basic indicators: the duration of 20 minutes or more; heart rate of 120 beats / min or more (youth); frequency of three times a week or more. That is to say, a week to run 3-4 times on the line.
The body needs “rest day”
Why did not need to run it every day? Professor, University of Toyama, Japan, Japan’s Scientific Committee, Dr. Keiji Mountain Athletic Union in the “Running focused guidance,” a book that: If you are running fitness for the purpose of going with the rest, or fatigue, the body but there will be problems.
In general, you can run two days rest day, or to run three days rest day.
Exercise can promote good health is based on the “over-recovery” theory: more than the normal load of exercise the body can bring more muscle and visceral stimulation, so the body will think it’s part “power” is not enough, it will organize ” resources “to strengthen related functions, so the body’s health, exercise capacity will rise. But the movement will bring physical fatigue, and therefore need to give the body some time to complete the “excess recovery.” Otherwise, not only affect the normal working life, but also cause damage.
Decided to run for a few days according to the physical
However, if you can not reach these standards, we can not say there is no effect of exercise. For example, people with poor physical one week only ran once, other days choose walking, walking, can also promote good health. In short, according to their physical, nature of work, fatigue, etc. to determine the number of days running. As the day not to run, according to the degree of muscle fatigue, morning woke up feeling good or bad, changes in body weight, appetite is good or bad and other factors.
In addition, the process of running, ankle, knee will be under tremendous impact. So, if movement than fat, you can consider other forms of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, space walk, bicycle and other alternative running.
Assist other sports
Running mainly to strengthen the heart and lung function and physical endurance, if you want to get full health, but also need to be complemented by other projects. We recommend running 2-3 times a week, to participate in other sports 2-3 times.


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