How to choose men’s shavers


Bushy beard, shave every day needs of men, to be elected swing razors; sparse beard shaving men often do not need, you can choose a larger face contact with rotary shaver range, in order to achieve fast and efficient; bushy beard or longer men, the best choice for double or three, or even four rotary shaver. Men who travel frequently, you should choose battery type, and battery charging hybrid, do not have to shave half embarrassed because no electricity; driver or men often need to deal with the car, the car can be used razor, using the car power charger, Stylish and convenient; habits at home, men shaving, you can use rechargeable shaver, including plug and play; like the shower shaving habits of men’s side, the best choice for anti-slip design of the razor handle; Like the men’s razor close at hand, with a choice of fine razor retractable lashing mouth sack; into rotary electric shaver, omentum type two, if the shaving, I do not like to shave “creak” noise emitted shall knife, then select rotary noise is relatively low. Do not think that a man’s skin is a certain indestructible, attention to detail, it will also lead to skin problems. Especially those people who are sensitive skin, the slightest mistake, it will cause a large area of ??skin irritation, redness and swelling. Although electric shavers can play tremor tremor massage, qi meridians, strengthen the role of regional dynamics around the lips and cheeks, but after a small number of men to use, perioral skin will itch for a while, which may be in contact with electric For the nickel contained in the shaver. Nickel is the most common allergens in the skin damage, infection, excessive friction bacteria can increase the absorption of nickel. At this point, you should stop using electric shavers, razors or manually select the best old-fashioned multi blade razor, which can reduce the number of scraping, may reduce allergy.


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