Can white teeth food


Some vitamin-rich foods, such as tomatoes, spinach, etc., for the effect of whitening mouthpiece very significant. Especially the elderly eat more foods rich in vitamins, in addition to whiten teeth, can also improve the body due to a lack of vitamin C as a result of loose teeth, bleeding gums and other diseases. Calcium is necessary to keep teeth healthy substances, so I often eat calcium-rich foods to protect the teeth very effect. Such as dairy products, soy products, cheese, etc. are common calcium-rich foods, they can not only balance the pH of the mouth, increased more than the calcium, but also to reduce tooth decay and teeth. Crude fiber chewed food, fiber friction can be teeth, the teeth to remove food residues and the breeding of bacteria on the tooth surface, thereby reducing tooth decay. Therefore, in everyday life can eat for example leeks, celery and other crude fiber foods, equally effective for whitening teeth. Because green tea is rich in fluoride tooth necessary, while fluoride is white, Teether important material, it can combine and teeth apatite, played acid, moth effect. And proper drinking green tea can not only protect the dental health, but also to people to keep breath fresh, always has a fresh state of mind. Maybe a lot of people with too surprising, because after eating onion ginger garlic odor in the mouth will become somewhat larger. However, these foods contain long-lasting bactericidal substances. For example, eating raw garlic and onions, can effectively kill Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that cause tooth decay culprit. The mustard and other foods have the same effect sterilization mouthpiece.



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