Care and repair damaged hair


Fine hair, lack of flexibility dull, dry hair. Often due to perm, hair too frequently caused by damaged hair hair cuticle structure is damaged, the hair surface voids increased protein loss, natural elasticity disappears. Clean out the frizz hair, long hair to try to avoid the sun at the time, the selection of shampoo and conditioner milk, a little better to choose moisturizing effect, this can ensure adequate absorption of nutrients and moisture. You can try some simple safety DIY hair mask. For example, an egg white plus three drops of olive oil, vitamin E and mix the dressing in clean hair (mainly in the tail section), put on a shower cap and wrap a hot towel, for about 5 minutes wash the hair softness and gloss will be improved. Also, pay attention to before using any hair care products are allergy test done. Hair oil to some extent, protects hair from UV damage them, but in the summer, oil production will be very strong, then there will be hair close to the scalp, it is difficult to maintain hairstyle. In order to suppress the secretion of sebum, frequent shampooing, shampoo water temperature is not too high, to avoid irritation grease. Summer sun exposure can lead to excessive secretion of oily scalp is more exuberant, so it is best to use oil-based hair conditioning products before sunscreen products for oily scalp, with the use of sunscreen to oil shampoo and conditioner, scalp keeping Shuangjie . Hair often peanut oil, so always wash, this approach is wrong, the hair also needs protection grease, otherwise it is prone to dry, then UV will take advantage. Selection of nourishing shampoo was better, with a mane comb brush evenly scalp oil secretion stimulated, attention scalp care. To use more time in the summer to go out in strong sunlight sunscreen hair conditioner, hair mask, disposable hair lotion, hair in order to increase the surface of the protective film; After shampooing, avoid using hot air drying, try to let the hair dry naturally.


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