Mistakes eat eggs


Eggs contain large amounts of sodium and glutamate, sodium glutamate born after these two ingredients are heated with pure flavor. Also the main component of MSG monosodium glutamate, MSG into scrambled eggs if, it will affect the egg itself synthetic sodium glutamate, not only destroy the egg flavor, the flavor of the dish would not achieve the role of the increase. In the long-term heating conditions will occur between amino acids and sugars in the egg a chemical reaction, the results generated a compound called glycosylated lysine, destroyed the eggs very beneficial to human amino acid composition. Compounds generated not only easily absorbed by the body, but also with toxic substances clotting effect and this will cause harm after entering the body. For sugar in boiled eggs, etc. should be stirred into the cooler, taste diminished. Eggs and milk should not be the same food. Because the raw milk contains trypsin inhibitor which inhibits the protease activity of human, in vivo effects of protein digestion and absorption in humans, egg white protein contains a viscous, milk can be combined with trypsin, the decomposition of the protein by obstacles, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of protein. Eggs contain protein avidin, will affect the absorption of biotin in food, the body loss of appetite, weakness, muscle pain, skin irritation, and other symptoms eyebrow. Eggs contain antitrypsin, affect the body’s digestion and absorption of egg protein. Immature eggs in these two substances are not decomposed, thus affecting protein digestion and absorption. Eggs in the formation process will be contaminated, the bacteria will pass through the hole on the egg shell, into the eggs, and undercooked eggs can not kill the bacteria, ranging from cause diarrhea. Therefore, high temperature boiled eggs to eat, do not eat undercooked eggs. Dense raw egg protein structure, the great majority can not be absorbed by the body, only cooked proteins before they become soft, the human gastrointestinal tract before absorption. Raw eggs have a special smell, can cause central nervous system depression, so that the secretion of saliva, gastric and intestinal and other digestive reduced, leading to loss of appetite, indigestion。


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